CCTV Installation Slough

CCTV Installation Slough 

CCTV alarm systems are the best CCTV Installation Slough in the area with over 20 years in security cameras we can guarantee a perfect installation. The quality of our systems is due to the amazing new systems that Hikvision and Qvis have to offer. Both these 2 companies are at the top of there game by providing ever-changing quality Systems. The High Definition Camera systems are simply out of this world and now they are producing 4K video images that you will be blown away with.  Book a free consultation with one of our engineers to see what 8MP 4K camera systems can offer you.

CCTV Installation Slough - security cameras - Best home CCTV
CCTV Installation Slough

Local CCTV Installation Slough 

CCTV Installation Slough is an incredibly effective Slough that puts every effort into protecting you, your family or your staff. Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems do everything you’d expect of them, but we do it better than any domestic or commercial security Slough. CCTV Installation Slough advanced video installation is exceptional in that it can offer a huge number of brands of existing camera installations from Samsung to Pelco. So if think the cameras you’ve already had installed don’t seem to be up to the job we will try to keep the cost down so they can be replaced. CCTV Installation Slough lets your security system grow and change as your needs do. So not only are you protected from burglaries, break-ins, and vandals, you’re also able to change the way you live and work from day-to-day knowing you will be alerted if there is any change.

CCTV Installation Slough

IP and CCTV Cameras in The UK

Most Closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses an analogue camera system that records video footage onto a local hard drive. whereas IP surveillance records the footage and transmits it over an IP (internet protocol) network for storage and review if required. Aside from the way footage is stored and retrieved, there are a number of differences between the two camera systems which will need to be considered when selecting one for your home or business.

Best CCTV Camera Quality

So when it comes to CCTV video footage, it’s important to know that the quality and sharpness of the image is directly related to the number of pixels the camera can produce. This is why 4K IP cameras are able to record in high definition with up to 10 megapixels, while normal analogue CCTV can usually only muster up to 5MP megapixels. As a result, IP CCTV cameras provide a much more detailed Video images.

IP CCTV Installation

If you are looking at having an IP surveillance system then it needs to be installed by someone with an intermediate level of networking knowledge, with large IP CCTV camera installations demanding more advanced networking and technical expertise. Standard CCTV cameras, on the other hand, are quite easy to install as they do not need to be set up with a home or business wireless network system.

CCTV Installation Slough

CCTV Installation Price

Now, given the quality of the camera and difficulty of installation, it’s no surprise that IP systems will set you back more than a standard CCTV installation. However, they can be a more economical option in situations where one IP camera can cover an area that would normally require two or more CCTV cameras.

So which CCTV cameras should I choose?

All in all, both forms of surveillance provide effective security for residential properties. The major advantage of IP technology is that it offers higher quality video and wireless compatibility; conversely, CCTV cameras are a more practical choice when it comes to operation, installation, and cost.

As we are CCTV camera specialists in the field of home and business security, the CCTV Installation Slough can provide professional advice on what surveillance system best suits your needs and budget.

CCTV Installation Slough

Should you install a DIY CCTV System?

At CCTV Installation Slough we use revolutionary advances in 4K and HD facial identification technology that have moved CCTV security systems into a whole new era of possibilities. So whats the problem? Cheap DIY CCTV kits still grossly overpopulate homes and businesses across the United Kingdom. These low-grade CCTV camera systems, that are sometimes unprofessionally installed and simply can’t provide you with effective security or identification. This means that Ineffective security means no protection, no guarantee of an insurance claim and no return on your security camera investment.

CCTV Installation Slough

DIY CCTV security camera systems

The problem with DIY CCTV security camera systems, or just those installed by untrained handymen, is that they will all show a colour picture but when it comes to relying on them after an incident, they simply won’t get you results. Firstly, many experienced intruders know the difference between a quality CCTV system and a poor cheap one. Their decision to attempt to break-in to your home or business will often come down to how likely their chances are of being detected and in turn getting caught. Everyday we have people calling to see what is the cheapest CCTV system we do this shows us that many people are just rushing for the cheapest and fastest security install they end up with basic equipment that just isn’t up to the job and we don’t suggest you do this quality CCTV is needed if you want a chance of catching an intruder.

DIY CCTV Camera Installations Slough

Let Us Install Your CCTV Camera System

CCTV Installation Slough has found that these cheap cameras operate at less than 10% usable image area when you typically need at least 50% or greater image percentage for using facial recognition. So this means that while your CCTV camera system will tell you that someone has entered your property (which you most likely already knew), it won’t give you a useful quality facial image that can be used for identification or prosecution purposes.

This could mean you end up making yourself a more likely target because criminals know the CCTV evidence against them will be poor or non-existent. You’ll usually know if you’ve been robbed or held-up. However if you and the police are unable to identify an intruder, what exactly was the point of having your CCTV system installed in the first place?

CCTV Installation Slough can provide you with CCTV cameras which function to police, insurance recommended image quality. This includes facial identification technology. Remarkably clear HD or 4K imagery means police are more likely to identify and successfully prosecute an offender and you can see what happened rather than try and guess. For more information on HD or 4K CCTV camera installations contact us by filling in the contact form on the get a quotation page, or feel free to use the chat live at the bottom right of the screen.

CCTV Installation Slough Customer Reviews
CCTV INstallation Slough Reviews

We needed to leave a review because 9 months ago we had cheap CCTV system fitted and it never worked right and the quality was rubbish but we spent over £800 pounds on it and new it was not fit for purpose, then a few days ago we were broke into and the quality was not good enough for the police. Gutted. We needed a new CCTV System, We needed something awesome and a friend of ours had a system fitted by Gary so we got him round and he gave us a free demonstration of the quality that he could install us and in the end we had a 5MP camera system fitted and we are so so happy its amazing it notifies us when there is motion and then we just login and take a look. Also had some good reviews on facebook and twitter.

So FIVE STARS for Gary and the rest of the team at CCTV Installation Slough. 

John Pearson